Dream come true , Best MJ EA


like title my dream come true , I start test now , here is some intersting backtest :

Modelling quality : 90%
start account 10$ From 2010.01.04 to 2010.05.07 End account 14828$

start account 50$ From 2010.01.04 to 2010.05.07 End account 23690$

start account 1000$ From 2010.01.04 to 2010.05.07 End account 39055$

start account 50$ From 2009.01.09 to 2010.05.07 End account 154432$

all just with one pair EUR/USD , I will start live test this week and well keep you update , I add the maze stratgie to it .
Full back test is in attachment .


A way to get away from tracking borker your successful EA ( the Maze )

so to hide your EA from your Broker you must to know how the broker truck ur EA .

The Ea is turned on with the platform on your computer , so How traced by the company, dealing with thousands or tens of thousands of EA at the same time .

The Broker do not know what inside the Expert Adviso you use or what is the code inside it , (This is scientifically impossible because the Expert Advisor works only through the Client Terminal) .

The fact is that Expert Advisor is not only related to Broker only through the three orders ( It orders for opening or closing transactions or change any open order )

Other than these three types of commands are run on a platform of the trader and the broker not know any thing about them . ( like line , print on chart , alarets ) .

So the broker only knows the Expert Advisor by this these commands .

Certainly, the successful Expert Advisor opens many successful deals and also closed them in a successful way .

When an observer noted the huge success of this EA he well start to monitor such deals to start or stop them or disable them .
and This is done through monitoring a comment (Comment) folded in such order ,
( and it is the comment when the EA send new Deals ) .

This process is called (Comment Tracing)

This means that each deal comes to the server by this comment they will play in it immediately ..

some One may say there is an easier solution is to be canceled informed comment in the property development deals in the Expert Advisor .
Unfortunately, this solution is useless because the deal will have a default value is Empty-Value , Though the monitoring of transactions in this highly successful value .. Will be rejected and disable all transactions with this value of the Empty-Value from your EA in your account with them .

So what is the solution to this dilemma .. Indeed, the solution is fairly simple idea .. The problem I had already guided to the solution and has already succeeded with me and jumped on this issue

simple i add code to my ea to generation of new random value of informed comment for each new deal is Expert Advisor opened .. Masibtal a tracking process for EA on the broker .. And the broker will stand idly .

has provided my own Expert Advisor a wardrobe from the letters and words that generates a random combination of them with each new deal by the EA .
and i call this way the maze .. It succeeded with me already overcome this problem .

Next I well give you the code you have to but it inside your EA to hide it from your broker succeefully

Best Regards


Gann-astronomical methods ... To know the price movement

Another example to describe the planetary positions

See photo
This symbol means that the planet Venus is located at 10 degrees and 7 minutes of Aquarius

Thus is expressed positions of the planets in zodiac on the sqwear of gaan .


Daily provide forex signal by MJ

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I Expect EUR/USD to go up to 1.2840 and more .

Best Regards
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I cant wait to see this 1.17xxx on eur/usd
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good fall, but not enough, will are still going down to 1.17xx, but 1.1950 is inevitable today.

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This lies in the technical, i trade what i see and not what one black box is forcasting.

well seem the 1.1950 was reached. e/u is not for sales yet the 200+ pips is resting in my account now. well majjed i wish you good luck in you analysis. you sold g/j and buy e/u neglecting the view or trade correlation. come what may, trade will respect technical.

i shall open a tread for the benefit of all by next week.

may thy lord see all through.
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abc projection from POINT A === 03/05/2010 == 1.3352
B === 06/05/2010 == 1.2523
C === 10/05/2010 == 1.3097

GIVES A TP1 OF 1.2268 , AND TP 2 OF 1.1756

Also on monthly chart Alternate price projection from 01/03/2009 at price 1.2464 and 01/12/2010 at price 1.5131

gives an APP projection of 1.1739 as TP2 and THIS IS a Fibonacci extension of 127.2%.

in my own view, this 1.1756 and 1.1739 is coincidental and confidential. therefore must attract price.


Thanks for your help and assistance.

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the monthly candle is closed now and below the recent support created in the previous time. with the recent fundamental in place a see a range ABC correction of completion of wave five and a subsequent resumption of down trend with impulse wave 1 which see our TP 2 OF 1.1759 ACHIEVED IN NO TIME.

majjeed the uptown move on E/U is not fundamentally matured and could spell doom for any account purely traded on ELLIOT WAVE basis.i therefore advice caution of such uptown moves.

I love you all.

For now i advice a close watch on GOLD as that metal is set for the mould any moment from now. as COT is spelling extreme shift in interest.

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Majjed i was tought never to add to a loosing trade until break even, but now there are more lots being added, hope all is well.

and moreover e/u e/u is set to hit 1.1700 please let us be cautious of this as our member are lossing money via this anticipated up move which is not fundamentally , technically and even major sentimentally backed.

please i am scared.

Hi all

this was 2 month ago , I realy want to ask you , where the EUR now ???
(( good luck for hwo buy it with me and hard luck for hwo sell it ))