7085 + pip,s and more is comming ,,,,,,,

1.2490 24-5 clock 8
The reflection exactly @ 8 WOW
Here is the Chart :

comment :


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Total Pip,s
7085 +

( Net Profit )
antill now for this month

jForex Bridge Question

jForex Bridge Question

hi guys,
i have a question about the Dukascopy bridge and was hoping one of you can help.
How can i get the bridge to work with multiple MT4 instances?
For example, i have 4 MT4 instances with different EAs on each of them. So how do i get all of the trades to be replicated on 1 JForex instance (using the bridge)? Or is it possible to open multiple JForex instances?

Thank you.


Its more simple than that... ;D
On jForex Bridge Strategy ( on jForex ), you choose the LOG file this will READ to transfer the trades, RIGHT?
The only thing you need to do is create copy of the Bridge Strategy with different names ( change the Class NAME of the Strategy to the same File name ), then you will have 4 Bridges strategies with 4 different parameters, and 4 different LOG files ...


For example:
Change the file:

more is here :

Swiss Accu Scalper

Netpicks 3.8 HVMM

1 Minute Daily

SUPER MAX 10 System from Dr. James Pruitt

SUPER MAX 10 System from Dr. James Pruitt

this is the real deal when it comes to manual trading systems:
There's a lot of videos and webinars that is part of the program. MAX 7 and MAX 8 were good, but people are saying MAX 10 and 11 (the latest) is even better.
Here is it :



I expaect next week vibartion between the high and low of the last week .
in the start we may see a Gap up to 38% in the piont 1.2730 ( see the chart ) from there we may see landing once again to more than the low 1.2130 that I expect resistantce from it antill the end of this month at last , in general the vibrtion for next week is the master of the situation .
Scenario in mov is more logical from the red .
in longer-term 1.1200 may be a target for EUR in this year .
Here is the Chart .

Best Regards


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FXdd Station
Login : ****** Investor : ******

Total Pip,s
5715 +

( Net Profit )
antill now for this month

Sgnal by Tino

is this true :
GBP to 14510

BRAVO MJ' Now i am sure that your analyse is true.That was perfect, exactly to the 1.4500. Congratulate and thanks.

this is a very simple Idia to stay away from Correction, just take look to the chart trend is it up trend or dwon trend and but the Tample up trend if up trend and dwon trend if dwon trend .

any TF any Pair,s .

hope to help every one to profit , no way to loss .

Best Regards


ndicateurs BELKHAYATE

Indicateurs BELKHAYATE

Daily provide forex signal by MJ

09 May 2010


It still in dwon Trend and there are no any sign to ch
ange ,Thursday The EUR touch Bottom of the Dwon Trend and bouns back in Friday, it close in 2750 levels .

Expected to make the Bottom top in levels 2900-3000 in these few weeks .
This chart explane the Eur Trend from 2010 inside dwon canal , the EUR show clear respect to it .
This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 867x523.

Sell place,s 2900-3000 I will decide it in time .
The Eur is going to
levels 2350in the next period if it well not break 3300-3400 levels .

Best Regards

14 May 2010


I recived some email from frined,s asking me to explane the market here and why I inter the trade this week , I already explane it , please keep reading this theard and you well understand me .
in 09/5 I attach chart of UER/USD and I explane it like this :

Sell place,s 2900-3000 I will decide it in time .
The Eur is going to
levels 2350 in the next period if it well not break 3300-3400 levels .

and last week the EUR fild to break the 3300-3400 , so I do sell the EUR from 2900-3000 levels and still in next period the EUR going to 2350 levels .

Here is new chart from today 14/5 for EUR
show clear respect to the canal and our anlysis .

For me I well not inter any trade today well wait to the next week .

you are very welcome to leave your comment to study the market togather .

Best Regards

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FXdd Station
Login : ****** Investor : *******

Total Pip,s
2269 +

( Net Profit )
antill now for this month

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Forex Mentor: Forex Master Blueprint

Forex Mentor: Forex Master Blueprint

1 – Defining a Sound Trading Approach.......................................... ......... 9
2 – Creating Your Forex Strategic Blueprint ...........................................15
3 – The Core Principles of High Probability Trading............................ 23

4 – Monitoring High Level Trend with COT Metrics.............................. 33
5 – Identifying Price Reversals with Swing Points............................... 41
6 – Using Old Highs & Lows as Primary Support/Resistance.......... 51
7 – Plotting Secondary Support/Resistance with Pivots..................... 57
8 – Confirming Swing Points with Oscillators .......................................67
9 – Measuring Retracements and Extensions with Fibonacci.......... 77
10 – Riding Market Moves with the Wave Principle ..............................95
11 – Following the Trend with Moving Averages ................................113

12 – The Trading Process Explained .................................................. 125
13 – Case Study #1 – EUR/USD .................................................. ........157
14 – Case Study #2 – GBP/USD .................................................. ........169
15 – Case Study #3 – GBP/JPY .................................................. ..........181

Appendix A – Extended Range Pivot Calculator Layout ...................193
Appendix B – Glossary of Terms Used ...............................................195
A Career Trader's Step-by-Step Approach to Profiting from the Currency Markets

by Frank Paul & the Forexmentor Team
Dear Forex Trader,
If you’re like me, your journey to a state of trade-readiness – being able to risk real dollars in a real trading account with confidence – proved to be a learning curve and a half.
Tons of different ideas, concepts, theories, and tools, any one of which can be arduous to learn, all of which put together can be downright confusing at times.
In my early years as an aspiring trader I managed to make every single mistake imaginable (some of which I’d be downright embarrassed by today!) – trying to figure out how to put it all together.
The turning point for me was when I realized that price action has a kind of DNA – or ‘blueprint’, – a form and structure that repeats itself across all timeframes from high to low encompassing trend, structure and even indicator readings. The erroneous observation of ‘conflicting signals’ I struggled with early on evaporated like a cloud.
Learning to recognize the patterns within the aggregate picture of price action, which alerted me when to take action (or not) was the skill which progressed my trading style from something best described as ‘struggling scalper’ to ‘capable professional’. And the one which helped me overcome the occasional feeling of dread when one chart supposedly told me to think bullish, while another told me the exact opposite (or so I thought).
You may be happy with whatever trading style you’ve cobbled together for yourself, making 20 or 50 pips here or there. But have you ever wondered whether there’s an analytical approach that really helps you see what’s going on more clearly across multiple timeframes, in a way that can help you qualify the character of a setup and target not just some arbitrary scalping target but much more of what the market is leaving on the table?
If so, you might be interested in our brand new, multimedia training program called: Forex Master Blueprint, available exclusively at Forexmentor. Regardless of your level of experience in the markets – from ‘newbie’ to advanced – you will find a wealth of trading ideas in this comprehensive resource that will literally catapult your own trading approach to the next level.
My name is Frank Paul, creator of Forex Master Blueprint. I’ve been a learning facilitator at Forexmentor since 2007 having authored several other resources during that time, including Fast Track to Forex, Forex Profits with MACD and Forex Profits with COT, all of which have been extremely well received by many hundreds of aspiring traders like yourself. Perhaps more importantly, I’m a career trader, and to earn and keep that particular job title – for both myself and my family – I have to maximize profit and minimize risks intelligently. Every single time I sit down to trade.
In this richly illustrated resource you’ll learn how to…

* Manage risks in a manner that makes you money – even with a low win rate!
* Define a trading approach that makes sense for your personal situation
* Apply the core principles of buying the dips and selling the rallies effectively
* Instantly spot the difference between trending and corrective markets
* Interpret Commitments of Traders (COT) metrics in a simple, effective manner
* Unleash the power of the most effective price pattern in existence – Swing Points!
* Identify Old Highs & Lows as important support/resistance markers
* Use the extended pivot set – Monthly, Weekly and Daily – to identify reversal points
* Apply momentum oscillators in the most effective manner
* Apply Fibonacci concepts to more precisely time your entry and exits
* Manage positions effectively with Elliott Wave patterns
* Use a simple but powerful Moving Average pairing to confirm tradable trend
* Think about the trading process in a systematic, logical fashion

Here is it :

Forex Secret Agent

Custom EA

I've been increasingly aware that we spend so much time looking for EA's that ultimately don't survive forward testing. We see the ones (and have them too) that make multi-millions in a few days, but the fact remains that they will not do that on your account (even demo). A high win rate is also accompanied by either low frequency trades or short duration (scalping) trades. It seems that scalping doesn't always work with great success as we have found out, because the market whips around so much. I believe the real money belongs in the higher TF (ask any fund manager), but I've been wrong before.

I'm devoting this thread to starting our own EA. I just gone done building a simple one for another guy that has a 400% gain in 3 months on backtest and has had winning trades for a month on forward test. It has a 20-60 pip SL (depending on the pair) with 19% DD on 10% risk and only makes 6-7 trades each month. I promised not to share it, but that doesn't mean we can't use similar ideas with decent indicators. It's only based on 2 standard indicators and one custom, which I'm sure we all have anyway. Even with that, I did not spend much time to improve the simple logic, and I still don't understand why it doesn't trade more frequently when all the conditions exist. What I did learn was that with a super low SL, and a high R:R ratio, we don't need a high success rate to make loads of money. We just need consistency, persistence, and a logic that works hopefully half of the time.

The point I'm making is, that with a simple idea great things can be accomplished. I invite everybody to contribute to this project by sharing ideas that we can all consider, but let's focus on the end goal.

I have all the code already. We just need to plug in the ideas to get the ball rolling. I believe simple is better, because extra weight only slows down a winner.


Warren Buffett - Berkshire Hathaway Letters 1969 - 2009


it well help you to know how big trader doing ( Trade ) .

Warren Buffett - Berkshire Hathaway Letters 1969 - 2009

chief executive officer of Berkshire Hathaway company


Calypso EA

Testing began

broker:FX OPEN [5dit Micro]
pair:Eur/usd Gbp/usd Aud/usd Nzd/usd Gbp/jpy Eur/jpy and more
Use set file :Tradingsystemforex EliteSection/Commercial EAs statements

Using feedback thank you
Attached Thumbnails

Heiken Ashi Smoothed

This indicator was made in the translation of Alpha9v119.

STILL HAVE BUGs, BUT IS USABLE. ( that why i havent finished alpha9 for jforex )


[jForex] Top ranked EAs - April Contest

Rank: 1 - TurboGBP
Participant: JForexStrategy
Country: RU
Name: Evgeny Rumyncev
Total Trades: 21
Turnover: 63.10
Total Balance: 216 142.93

Rank: 2 - RizHedge
Participant: syedrizwanm
Country: AU
Name: Rizwan Rizvi
Total Trades: 1 024
Turnover: 95.08
Total Balance: 205 237.45

Rank: 3 - Apr
Participant: olto
Country: UA
Name: Olexandr Topchylo
Total Trades: 34
Turnover: 45.68
Total Balance: 166 752.22

Rank: 4 - retrace1
Participant: Paul
Country: CA
Name: Paul Lam
Total Trades: 17
Turnover: 46.75
Total Balance: 120 032.72

You can leave any comments and questions below...

Download link:

Tech me and I well Teach you


I want to ask you first ( Are you forex trader ??? ) see this chart and leave your commet please .

Tech me and I well Teach you ( how to trade , when to trade , how to read the chart , how to feel the price , how to make profit , how to accept loss , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I see all the system are good all the indicator are good but the Q are you good to read them .
Here we go hand to Hand makeing profit togather , please read this chart and leave your coment , well be back with you .

Best Regards

Trading Without Gambling

7 Winning Strategies For Trading Forex

7 Winning Strategies For Trading Forex

Real and actionable techniques
for profiting from the currency markets


3 Ways To Identify A Trend

There are basically two types of trading environments in the currency trading market like other markets. These are a Trend and a Range. A trend is simply a move in price in one direction and a range is an oscillation in price between two broad levels. Unlike stocks, currencies tend to follow trends, once we know the trend, we can profit from this information. In order to determine the trend and to know when the trend changes its direction,we need some help of indicators.

There are three most important indicators discusses in this short e-book, that are being used by most successful traders and analysts. Once you finish reading this e-book, you will know how to use these indicators to decide your entry and exit levels.

Read the rest in the e-book at

-----------top performing ea list------------

Fellow Colleagues,
I know all of us here have tested and may have come across a decent EA here and there. I know this is probably the 10th time you've seen a list like this one. After all, no one can test 300 EAs thoroughly. But 300 people each testing 1 EA will give awesome result. And I believe leveraging on people's efforts is the power of forums like this.
I challenge EVERYONE to participate and provide insight that would truly help all of us reach that common goal of (eventual) financial freedom.
As i recieve feedbacks i'll continue to update this list so that everyone can see on the front page.
I have a few guidelines to make this thread move forward more efficiently.

Please only list an EA that has at minimal the following characteristics:
(1) gone through at least 1 month of live testing (either on demo or live money)
(2) has great risk to return ratio with low drawdown (preferrable less than 10%). For example, the best EA for me would return 2%-5% a month consistently, with drawdowns less than 4%.
(3) you have been or will be using the EA on a live money account. This means you're very comfortable and serious about the EA(s).

Please also note:
(1) do not make requests on this thread. Please go through the normal process and create a new [req] thread and I promise you will get the EAs. :-)

I'll start off the list with these:
EA Kain (scalper)
*average win per pair = 5 pips
*average loss per pair = 20 pips
*average return per week per pair = 1%
*max drawdown for each pair = 2%

Destiny Pro V2 (scalper)
*average win = 10 pips
*average loss = 20 pips
*average return per week = 2%
*max drawdown = 3%

FXPromaker Junior Non-Hedging (martingale)
*average win = 30 pips
*average loss = 65 pips
*average return per week = 2%
*max drawdown = 3%
Special Notes: this is one of the safer martingales i've come across. You can start with $10,000 and 0.1 (mini) lot.

Alpha9 (grid - trend following)
*average return per month for all pairs combined = 2%
*max drawdown for all pairs combined = 2%
Special Notes: Satoru4944 discovered this EA. Looks safe, but we need more information and testing from other members.
The author also noted that it's best to run this EA on separate accounts, or else it gets confused with other trades opened by other EAs.
I know some of you (newbie) may think 1%-2% per week is quite low. But if you ask any of the more experienced members they'll tell you those are fantastic returns, provided it's consistent and with low drawdowns. I've been there. I've had experienced 40% gains on live accounts just to see it all go away in 3 days (and lost even more).
The key is long term success, not get rich quickly and not able to sleep at night knowing that your account can cut down in half on any given week. On top of that, if we combine these great EAs together we may get 10%-20% return a month (if we're lucky).

i welcome ALL feedback. Let's discuss anything you want about the top EAs we know. And please make requests in seperate threads. :-)
And please correct any information I've provided here because we know results differ from broker to broker.

Thank you all.